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Unit Testing in C# - Best Practices

How to write unit tests in c# for beginners? In this unit tests c# tutorial, we will learn best practices of unit testing. Start from the beginner level, upto the advance way of writing unit...

Adding Tests to Existing Code - Part 1

This is the first of a series of videos about coverging with tests already exisiting code. The project I selected for this series is an ORM that you can find in github

How to structure a .net project

In this video I talk about how to set up your solutions, projects & namespaces for maximum scalability. More info on .net naming guidelines:

C# Tutorial - Creating Unit Tests

c# unit test In this session we will learn: - What is it? - Code Coverage - Cyclomatic Complexity - Which Framework? - Misconceptions - Benefits - Let's Think! - Getting Started.

Ray Tracing on the GPU Part II

I was playing around a little while longer, and am now using a texture to hold the location of all of the balls, so the balls can move around interactively. The ray tracer itself is about...

Unit Testing a MVC Controller (#5)

In this video we will have a look at how you can Stub using a repository interface and Shim system classes. Head over to to sign up for my free C# mini-course or check...


Eliza Wasni

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